May 222013

by John Viril—

Right now, the Kansas City Royals entire season is teetering on the brink. I know that many will say I am being melodramatic. That it’s a long season, and they’re 120 games left.


Year after year, fans have watched Kansas City run into an early losing streak that sucks the wind out of the entire season. Last season was the 12-game April losing streak that effectively ended the 2012 season before the first month was over. Every Royals team since 1997 has experienced a 7-game losing streak except the 2003 squad (Kansas City’s last over-.500 season since 1994). To put this in perspective, the New York Yankees have only experienced a 7-game losing streak ONCE since 1995 (2007).

This season was supposed to be different. This season, solid starting pitching was supposed to prevent season-killing losing streaks. Then the Royals lost four consecutive 1-run games. Before the Royals rallied for four runs in the 8th on Tuesday night in their 7-3 victory over Houston, they appeared poised to lose their fifth straight 1-run game. A loss would have been especially devastating because it would ensure the Royals dropped their current series to the pathetic Houston Astros—who are tied with the Miami Marlins for the worst record in baseball at 13-33.

The recent bad play is part of a stretch which has seen Kansas City follow its hopeful 17-10 start with a 4-11 debacle. A loss to the terrible Houston Astros, and the Royals would have been looking at another season killer when you consider the context. The Astros are an organization focused on rebuilding and accumulating minor-league talent. HoustonĀ isn’t even TRYING to win. Teams like the Astros exist to help other clubs break out of losing streaks.

For the moment, Kansas City has avoided immediate disaster; but they aren’t out of the woods just yet. At 21-21, Royals manager Ned Yost needs to find a way to turn his team around. If he can’t help the team break out of its funk, the 2013 season will be another crash-and-burn for GM Dayton Moore. After six consecutive losing seasons since taking over in 2006, Moore is unlikely to survive another train wreck.

The primary culprit has been the offense. During the four game losing streak, the team scored 10 total runs—including two consecutive 2-1 defeats to the Oakland A’s. The blunt fact is, with 1B Eric Hosmer hitting a soft .271 and 3B Mike Moustakas looking like he belongs back in AAA, the team needs more talent on offense. Inserting AAA injury replacement OF David Lough and utility player Elliot Johnson into the lineup isn’t going to provide sustainable offensive improvement. Moore needs to bring in outside help.

The sooner Moore can provide such a boost to his team, the more likely they will be to scratch their way into the playoff picture.

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  1. The Royals will retain the current failures in leadership. If Moore fires Yost, he admits to a big mistake. Who said this guy could be a GM , who makes a winner of a young team by lots of big words and logos, asking to overachieve. So they don’t live up to the Team Mottos for the past two years, and the finger of failure points at the players. We the fans know much better. They are absolutely ruining talent who need to be better trained s Professionals. They should be ashamed to take careers of promising talent, to advance and promote their own personal gain and salaries, by failing miserably. I doubt the Royals will ever perform like the team Mr. k so brilliantly put together, and all he did was go out, get the best people who knew the game, got a Mr. John Scherholtz as the ultimate Gn. Few words, and lots of work. Glass does not know talent. Keep in mind reasons why Glass did not buy the team from Mr.K, because he would not sell them to him, Mr. K knew his reasons, he knew the whole thing would be turned into a salvage yard, until the Beautiful Winning Royals, became the team of Shattered Glass, it was his aim, it’s done, the Royals have been destroyed as David Glass wanted them to be.

    If he has no new manager selected and replaced by May 31st of this year, kiss 2013 and all the rest of the ownership years by David Glass, complete and total failures. It doesn’t take much Baseball Knowledge, to see that pulling James Shields out of the game in the 9th Inning, the game was his to win or lose. Right there, showed me how stupid Ned Yost is after several years f management experience. Everyone in KC, saw it, knew it, and their hearts were broke. A lot of times I wish there were a Computer Robot were invented to be the perfect manager. Glass will pay out Yosts Contract, watch the team lose 110 games this year. This is the worst team ever fielded by David Glass. We have one All Star, Alex Gordon, pretty steady the whole year. The only deserving player of the entire team. He probably would like to play for St. Louis, and stay in Missouri. They are all subject to be gone, this management will fool Glass as long as he pays up, believes what they say, ignores the fans, has absolutely no desire for ant championship, will not go all the way to get it, only one or two at a time. 2 years ago Hosmer and Moustakas had the same abilities that Bryce Harper, and Mike Trout have, instead of being brought along, they have been ruined pretty bad. Salvador Perez will fall in the same trap, if not professionally brought along. Billy Butler, has lost all his confidence, he won’t hit over . 250 this year. He will be lucky to hit between 10 to 12 home runs. Escobar has lost the hitting ability. Getz fights daily for a promised permanent job with Johnson. How long before Lough gets into a slump. Then when all the pitchers go to slumps, guessing end of June, we will finish out the summer with everything taken away, they will trade Frenchy, Getz, Tajeda, trade Chen, and most hopefully Hochevar, what a huge mess, no answers, maybe never another win the rest of the season. I hope it happens, to prove a point they have been totally wrong in selection of Management and coaching. Most disastrous year in Franchise History.

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