May 262013

by John Viril—

After the Kansas City Royals lost their 4th straight game 7-0 to Los Angeles on Saturday (3rd in a row to the Angels), I cannot help but wonder when they will post a winning season. The Royals last finished over .500 10 years ago in 2003. Their last playoff season was 1985—when Kansas City won its only World Series.

The team’s current 4-15 downward spiral looks like the annual “season-killer”. Meanwhile, GM Dayton Moore told the Kansas City Star, “We’re going to expect to get better. That’s what we’re going to do.”

Great. That’s just the kind of leadership that earns him the big bucks. Next, he’ll probably advise the players to “stop losing”. Snarky comments aside, Moore’s statement suggest he’s fresh out of ideas. 

When will the Royals have a winning season?

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