Jun 282013

by John Viril—

On Friday night, the Kansas City Royals blasted 4 home runs in their 9-3 laugher over Minnesota. It was the team’s first 4-homer game in the 2013 season and the first since August 11, 2012. The Royals tied a season-high by hitting at one one home run in 5 consecutive games.

It was about time.

Billy Butler started the fun with a 3-run shot in the 1st inning. Mike Moustakas followed with a 2-run blast in the 3rd. While Eric Hosmer finished off the barrage with with a solo home run in the 5th and a two-run bomb in the 7th. Despite the power surge, the Royals are STILL second to last in home runs in MLB. Even after hitting 9 home runs (and 8 doubles) in the last 5 games, they lead no. 30 Miami by a mere 2 home runs. A regular observer could see the Royals starting to hit more deep flies and hard-hit line drives in the last couple of weeks. The trend has finally culminated in balls flying out of the park.

Baby steps, people.

Just this afternoon, some idiot writer on ESPN posted a story about how George Brett hasn’t had any impact on Royals hitters since taking over as batting coach.

Nonsense. The effect just hasn’t been showing up in the box score. But, anyone who actually has been watching the games has seen the team pulling the ball more rather than slapping weak flares into the opposite field. As much as I appreciate (and use) sabermetric theories, you miss things if you fail to watch the games.

Five days ago, I posted Eric Hosmer’s spray charts in the month before and after Brett’s arrival. You could clearly the jump in balls that the left-handed hitting Hosmer has pulled to right field. He’s not the only one. Mike Moustakas and Salvador Perez, in particular, have been hitting the ball with more authority of late.

Just a few day ago, Brett said that he could see his hitters making progress in practice. But, the fruits of their labor had yet to show up in games. Lets hope last night was the first of many harvests. Maybe, just maybe, we should learn that a Hall-of-Fame hitter just might know what he’s talking about.

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