Aug 172013

by John Viril—

MLB today announced that Kansas City Royals utility infielder Miguel Tejada has tested positive twice this season for Adderall—an amphetamine. Since these are Tejada’s second and third career positive tests for PED’s, MLB imposed a 105-day suspension under the collective bargaining agreement’s Joint Drug Program. Tejada received 25 days for the 1st positive this season, and 80 days for the second positive soon after. Tejada has already exercised his appeal, so the penalty will take immediate effect.

The Royals flurry of deals to acquire middle-infielders Jamey Carroll and Emilio Bonifacio over the last week now makes sense. The club had already moved Miguel Tejada to the 60-day disabled list, apparently knowing that Tejada’s appeal had failed and a suspension was immanent. With Tejada suspended and Elliot Johnson (released August 15) failing to get a hit since July 6, the Royals had a desperate need for infield help.

Miguel Tejada released a statement through the Major League Players Association, “I apologize to the Royals organization and to the Kansas City fans. I have a medical condition that requires medication to treat. I took that medication while re-applying for a Therapeutic Use Exemption. Under the requirements of the Joint Drug Program, I made a mistake in doing so.”

Under the Joint Drug Program there is a therapeudic use exception for amphetamines if a player is diagnosed with ADD. Major League baseball granted 116 therapeudic use exceptions (TUE) in 2012.

The suspension is likely to end the 39-year-old Miguel Tejada’s career. The former 2003 A.L. MVP did not play in major-league baseball in 2012 before catching on with Kansas City in spring training. He hit .288/.317/.378 this season and had won the regular 2B job after the All-Star break. Tejada will now be hard pressed to find an employer willing to depend on him, given his age and track record of PED use—unless he were to win a TUE for 2014.

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