Dec 032013

by John Viril—

Kansas City Royals general manager Dayton Moore’s decision to non-tender 2B Chris Getz on December 1st is a hopeful sign for the upcoming season. Last year, patience with RF Jeff Francouer, SP Wade Davis, and the aforementioned Getz cost the Royals an unknown number of games. With the team finishing five games out of the wild card race at 86 wins, the slow hook was an unacceptable blunder.

Who knows if fortune will allow the team to contend this season?

Even so, non-tendering Getz is more significant than it seems. While many outsiders would consider the move a “no-brainer” after Getz has put up a mere 1.5 fWAR in his four years in Kansas City, manager Ned Yost had a weird fixation on the “little things” Getz brought to the game. Kansas City Star cartoonist/sportswriter Lee Judge had a source for his Getz-love, and it likely came from the coaching staff. At the very least, we won’t have to watch Getz piling up outs at the top of the lineup anymore.

More importantly, the move suggests that Dayton Moore knows the weaknesses of his ballclub and plans to address them. That last sentence might sound condescending coming from a blogger when discussing the decision-making of a GM that came up as a personnel director, but we’re talking about the same guy with a incomprehensible fascination with Jeff Francoeur. Hopefully, Royals fans will not have to watch 1/3 of the lineup populated by completely helpless bats like we did too many times last season.

I, for one, might be higher on Christian Colon than most. While his overall numbers from last season were nothing to get excited about, he had a spectacular second half. After the AAA All-Star break, Colon hit a strong .333/.391/.487. He looked like a guy that had a breakthrough at the plate. Colon was considered a strong offensive player with questions about whether he could stay at shortstop when he was drafted no. 4 overall in 2010. However, his bat has never met expectations while he looks like a competent glove at short. Colon could be the team’s long-term solution at second. I would be inclined to give him a chance if the team could land a strong RF bat this offseason.

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